Fools Rush In – PPIR

April 2nd, 2012

March 31 2012, the start of another season at PPIR with the double regional and driver school “Fools Rush In”. Matthew brought out the new to him Spec Miata to see how he stacked up against the other more seasoned drivers in the class. The 80 degree weather was unseasonably warm for the end of March in Colorado. Bothe practice and qualifying went well with Matthew coming up to speed in the new car. Matthew qualified 2nd in class but was a little off the pace of Phil Cummings, regional SM champion, who had the poll. Looks like Matthew had his work cut out for him.

At the drop of the green flag Matthew locked himself to Phil’s bumper and the race was on. In the first few laps Matthew stuck his nose in a few times but Phil closed the door. Matthew was able to stay within a few car lengths for the first half of the race until they caught a slower car. Phil was able to get around the lapped car on the straight but Matthew got stuck behind him in turn 1-2 which is the fastest, most on the edge corner of the track. Matthew got around the slower car on the exit of 2 but this had given Phil another 3-4 car lengths. Mathew tried but was unable to close the gap. Matthew came in with a respectable 2nd place finish.

April 1, 2012 was another warm day. Matthew continued to learn the car in practice and qualifying. He was feeling more and more comfortable in the car and his times were getting better. This time he was only .5 off of Phil’s pole setting time. When the green flag flew Matthew had a good start but was only able to pull up to Phil’s door before diving into turn 1. Some traffic got in the mix and once it was sorted out Matthew was a few car lengths behind Phil. Not exactly where he wanted to be but Phil was still in sight. This time Mark Franklin, multiple divisional SM champion, was also only a few car lengths behind Matthew. Mark eventually caught Matthew and got passed him going into turn 5. Now Matthew locked in behind Mark in hopes that the 2 of them could catch up to Phil and then battle it out. A few laps later, Phil had an incident with a Spec Racer Ford and spun in turn 2. Matthew and Mark passed him and both moved up a position. After a few more laps Matthew had a good drive out of turn 2 and moved down low to make the pass on Mark. Mark tried to close the door and Matthew dropped the front left wheel off the pavement. Matthew made the pass stick but unfortunately the dropped wheel caused a slow leak in the tire. Matthew’s tire went flat 3 laps later and he had to retire from the race early. April fools on him.

Last Chance Rational – HPR

September 5th, 2011

We got up early Saturday morning to make the trek to High Plains Raceway for the Last Chance Rationals. The temps are finally cooling down and it looked like it would be a great day. During practice and qualifying Matthew was running consistently faster than his competition. This was unexpected as Pat Holmes and Mark Miller where there and usually keep him on his toes.

At the drop of the green Pat was on his game and moved out to an early lead. Matthew was on his bumper but Pat was not going to make it easy on him. Matthew took a better line around turn 11 and he was able to carry his momentum and get by Pat going into the esess. Matthew put his head down to try to get away but Pat had a different plan. Pat stayed on his bumper and got a great draft going down the back straight and made the move for the pass. He went in to 4 a little too hot and Matthew was able to get by him before 5. Maybe now Matthew could pull a gap… such luck. Maybe on the exit of 11…. No, Pat figured that one out quick. The battle continued for 40 minutes. According to the lap charts they changed positions 11 time in 18 laps, not including the times they passed and re-passed on the same lap. Towards the end of the race Matthew made a mistake going through 11 and scrubbed off too much speed. Pat capitalized on this and pulled a 5 car gap. As they came onto the front straight the 1 lap board was displayed. Throughout the race Matthew was thinking he wanted to be in 2 at this point so he could make the pass down the back straight but he didn’t want to have this much of a gap. He pushed the car to its limits trying to make up as much ground as he could before turn 3. He did make up a lot of ground but didn’t have quite enough to get the pass done without putting both Pat and himself in danger. As they both went around turn 4 Matthew thought, “I have been a little faster out of 6”. As they quickly approached turn 6, the toughest corner on the track, Matthew backed off slightly so he would have a good run out of the corner. As they entered the corner Pat had a little push and Matthew used his better exit speed to pull up next to Pat. They went into turn 7 side by side. The next turn was turn 8 which was a left hander and would put Matthew on the outside. Fortunately for Matthew Pat was in the marbles on the outside of turn 7 and couldn’t put the power down as well as Matthew. Matthew just got in front of Pat going into turn 8 and was able to make the pass stick. Matthew was able to keep it together for the rest of the lap and pull out the win. Thanks for the great, clean racing Pat.

Sunday Matthew was ready for another close race. He was again a good amount faster in practice and qualifying but he was not going to let this lull him into a false sense of security. At the start of the race Matthew got a slight jump but Pat was not giving any ground. They went side by side through 1, 2 and 3. Mark used this to his advantage and went rocketing buy both of them down the back straight. Going into turn 5 it was Mark, Matthew, and Pat nose to tail. Mark hit some debris that was kicked onto track by one of the Miatas and slid sideways. This caused Matthew to pinch his entry and also slide sideways. They went through the corner looking like it was a drift event. They both gathered it up and continued like it was on purpose. Matthew got a good run coming out of turn 6 and Mark turned into turn 7 a little too late leaving the door open. They went side by side all the way through turn 8 where Matthew was able to get the edge and pull into the lead. On the next lap Matthew checked his mirror and saw Pat and Mark going side by side through turn 6. This battling allowed Matthew to pull a comfortable lead and maintain it until the finish.

Its Miller Time – PMP

July 25th, 2011

Saturday July 23rd at Pueblo Motorsports Park. The forecast was for hot weather and they were right. Matthew took the car out for morning practice to shake it down after the damage from the last race. The car ran great and put down the fastest lap of the run group. The water temps also looked to be in check which was a relief as the past few races the temps were higher than we wanted. Looks like the cooling system flush was a success. Qualifying also went well and Matthew put the 73 Spec 7 on pole.

As we were waiting for the race we noticed some dark clouds rolling in. We hoped it would give us some shade and relief from the heat. As we were in grid about to go out on track the storm reached us. The thunder and lightning started and the word from turn one was they were getting pounded with rain. A wet track is one thing but with the lightning the call was made to postpone the race and get the workers under cover where they would be safer. This was a good call as the storm lasted longer than expected and brought with it hail and high winds. It did cool it down nicely though.

After the storm subsided the track was inspected. The track had pools of standing water in some places and rivers running across in other places. With it being late in the day and track conditions being so poor the decision was made to postpone the race until Sunday morning.

Sunday July 24th. Our group was to be the first on track. Matthew went out and a trail of dust cam out from his car as he went around the track for the first lap. The track was mostly dry but slippery in spots where there was still some dirt on track from the previous days storm. Matthew came around the corner with Clay Turner on his left, both of them anticipating the green flag. The flag dropped and it was a drag race to turn 1. Matthew was able to pull a fender on Clay going into turn 1 and being on the inside he had the advantage. In the next few laps Matthew was able to gain a healthy gap and maintained it until the end of the race, bringing home 1st place.

With the schedule change practice was eliminated and we were combined with the small boar group. Qualifying went well and Matthew was able to get poll for the Spec 7 group again.

In the second race we were combined with the other small boar group. As the green flag dropped Matthew got a great start. He started to pull a gap on the rest of the Spec 7s for the first few laps. Clay was not going to let Matthew get away this race and was able to catch back up in short order. The temperature was hot, the sweat was flying, and Clay was glued to Matthew’s bumper. Matthew pushed the car harder and so did Clay. On the 12th lap Matthew bobbled through turn 8 and Clay put the hammer down, executing a beautiful pass into turn 9. The pass slowed Matthew down just enough that he had to go down to 2nd gear to pull out of the corner. Matthew came around turn 10 as fast as he could and was able to start gaining back on Clay. Matthew had a good run but not quite enough to pass Clay back before turn 1. The next few corners were critical as Clay had been carrying more speed through 2 and 3. Matthew was able to maintain the gap all the way to turn 8 where he was slightly faster. Matthew used this speed and went deeper into 9 than he had all race. He came out of 9 with a good head of steam and carried this through 10 where he started to gain on Clay fast. This time he was able to get around before turn 1 and make it stick. The next time by the 1 lap board was displayed and Matthew was able to maintain the lead until the end.

Western Sprints x3 – Sandia Motor Speedway

June 20th, 2011

Saturday June 18th 2011. First time at Sandia Motor Speedway. Practice went well starting out slow to learn the track and adding in more speed every lap. Matthew was able to run the fastest lap in class. Pretty good for a new track. Qualifying also went smooth but this time Mark Miller was able to pick it up and took poll with the fastest lap time.

The beginning of the first race Matthew got a great start and passed two rows of Spec Miatas in front of him. Going into turn 3 Peter Naumburg (a Spec Miata driver) made a dive bomb move on Mattie Whitten (another Spec Miata driver) and made contact spinning both of them. This collected Richard Joseph’s Spec Miata and Mark Miller’s Spec 7 as they both tried to avoid the carnage. This incident also brought out a black flag all and caused the race to be restarted after Mattie and Richard’s damaged cars were removed from the track.

The restart was not as good for Matthew and Mark Miller was first to turn 1. Matthew was determined and soon got around Mark and started to pull a slight gap each lap. Mark finally made a mistake going into turn 3 and Matthew was able to pull a comfortable cushion that he held onto until the finish. Matthew took the win with Mark in 2nd and Patrick Frank in 3rd.

This weekend we were running two races on Saturday with the second race being an inverted start. Matthew got a good start and was on the inside for turn 1. He was slowed slightly in turn 1 and Mark was able to slingshot around the outside for the lead. On the second lap Matthew broke the track record and was gaining on Mark. On the third lap, just as Matthew was closing on the bumper of Mark, it all went wrong. Peter Naumburg, the same driver who took out two cars in the first race and smashed into Matthew in 2009 at PPIR taking him out of the race, hit Matthew while he was in the breaking zone to turn 5, the slowest corner on the track. Peter hit Matthew so hard it bent the axle, axle housing, and watts link locating pin. After Matthew got the car started he took off and attempted to determine the cars drivability. The steering wheel was not centered and there was a little vibration but nothing worrisome. The car did not feel just right but seemed drivable. Matthew pushed the car and worked his way back to 2nd and was working on making up ground to Mark in first when he received the black flag for mechanical. The steward had let him get half way and then pulled him in because they were concerned about the amount the wheel was wobbling. Matthew finished 5th after driving the wheels off the car and taking the track record.

After getting off track Matthew was able to see how bad the damage to the axle was. Mark Miller, Christen Miller and Jerry Wolfe went to the junk yard where there were 5 RX-7s but none of them had the correct rear end. Unfortunately Matthew was not able to compete in Sundays race. Matthew wants to thank his competition for being fierce on the track and willing to bend over backwards to help off the track.

Rock the Peak – PPIR

May 30th, 2011

Saturday May 28th 2011. At PPIR for our 5th and 6th race of the season. The weekend started out rough when Matthew lost a wheel in practice. Jackie Ruegsegger quickly offered her spare rotor, bearings, and studs, Christian Miller had a dust cap for the rotor, Pat Holmes chipped in to replace the rotor and straighten the fender, and Clay Turner offered up his spare lug nuts. In no time the car was ready to go out for qualifying.

The first half of qualifying went smooth. About half way through Matthew’s foot slipped off the break pedal going into turn 5 and he slid into a group of cones. Two of them must have wanted to go for a ride as they latched on under the car. The first cone was deposited in the middle of turn 2 where Matthew immediately ran it over causing a wild sideways ride through the fastest corner of the track. The second one hung on almost to the end of the session where it finally had enough in turn 8 and decided to get off.

Matthew got a good start in the race and was off to an early lead. Clay Turner was giving chase for the first half of the race. He started to fall back and was then caught by Mark Miller, who had the drive of the race. Mark missed qualifying due to work obligations and had started from the back. He made it all the way to 2nd before he ran out of laps to chase Matthew down. Matthew took 1st followed by Mark in 2nd and Clay in 3rd.

Sunday April 29th 2011 was a much smoother day. Practice and qualifying went well with no major incidents as the day before. Matthew and Pat switched cars in practice to shake out a handling issue Pat had been having. The two of them had made minor adjustments all weekend and the car was starting to feel like it should. In qualifying Mark ran a slightly better time than Matthew and was on the poll.

The race started and while Matthew got a good jump, Mark had the position and Pat had a better start. Matthew exited turn 2 in 3rd, the race was on. Matthew got by Pat going into 5 and was working on chasing Mark down. Matthew could pull on Mark in the infield but Marks car was strong on the front and back straight. Matthew made repeated attempts to get around Mark in turn 9 but Mark would get a better launch having the preferred line and pass right back. About half way through the race Mark missed a shift which slowed both Mark and Matthew allowing Pat to rejoin the race. Going into turn 5 the next lap Pat made the pass for 2nd. This was how it was to stay until the checkered flag with Mark getting the win, Pat taking 2nd and Matthew coming in 3rd.

May Daze – HPR

May 2nd, 2011

May Daze at High Plains Raceway. Saturday Apr 30 2011was windy and in the 40s. We were running the short course.  The short course plays to the strengths of the Spec 7 and Matthew was taking advantage. During practice and qualifying he was running with the Spec Miatas, a faster class car. After qualifying he had come out second overall, and first in class. At the start of the race Matthew moved to an early overall lead but the Miatas got by going down the back straight. After a few laps one of the two Miatas in front spun and Matthew moved up to second overall. He was able to maintain this position until the end of the race wining his 3rd race of the season.

Sunday May 1 2011 the weather was much better. The wind had died down and it was in the 50s. We were running the West Loop which gave us a few more turns to have fun on. The Miatas were a little faster on this course but Matthew was able to keep up with the second place Miata for about half of the race. He was also able to maintain the first place position in class all the way to the checkered flag.

Two Cool Schools – PPIR

April 11th, 2011

The start of the race season began at Pikes Peak International Raceway with the annual SCCA drivers school combined with a double race weekend. Matthew instructed two of the students and they are now both novice permit holders and have competed in their first race to meet the requirements to receive their race license.

Saturday March 9th 2011 was a warm sunny day, although a bit windy. Matthew  was able to get pole in qualifying, although Pat Holms and Clay Turner where close behind. In the race Matthew got a great start and moved out to an early lead. Both Pat and Clay took turns making a run at Matthew for the first half of the race.  Unfortunately for Clay his car started to suffer from an intermittent electrical issue that caused him to slow, leaving only Pat nipping at Matthew’s heals. With any small mistake Pat would move that much closer but in the end Matthew was able to maintain his lead and got 1st place in the opening race of the season.

Inspection of the car after the race showed a cracked rotor. We didn’t have any new rotors available but we did have some used ones that looked good enough to get through the next day’s race. There was also a possible blown shock.  There was oil on the shaft and fender well. We didn’t have a replacement and the car was driving fine in the race so we would have to live with it for now. Once the rotor was replaced we retired for the evening, after a long day of racing.

Sunday March 10th 2011 was cooler with less wind, a great day for racing. In practice the brake pedal was pulsating. The rotor we put on seemed to be warped. After practice the rotor was changed again for qualifying. Another used rotor was installed. Although it was visually less desirable the belief was that it was not warped. In qualifying the brakes worked properly and everything went smoothly. Clays qualifying also went smoothly as he took pole for the race. Looks like he got the electrical gremlin sorted out

In the race the green flag dropped and the race was under way. A few of the faster class cars did not make qualifying and started from the back. It looked like everyone hit the gas at the same time and the pack was two and three wide for the first lap. The faster cars coming up from the back were zig zaging in and out of the other cars to quickly get to the front. All of this made for a very exciting first lap. After the dust had settled, literally in some corners, and the pack crossed the start finish line after the first lap Matthew was in the lead, with Clay and Pat aging on his tail. Matthew put his head down to attempt to gap the pack but Clay would not hear of it. For 23 laps they went around the course, dodging traffic , and attempting to run the perfect line. Some traffic seemed to slow Matthew and let Clay get closer and then the next pass on traffic would slow Clay and give Matthew a little space. In the end Matthew was able to hang on to the lead and gained his second victory of the season.

25 Hours of Thunderhill

December 6th, 2010

Dec 3rd – 5th 2010

We teamed up with Atlanta Motorsports Group (AMG) to run the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. AMG has campaigned the championship wining car in the SCCA Playboy Maxda MX5 Cup for the past two seasons. This presented a great opportunity to work with a professional top level team and gather more information on what is needed to run in this series.

Matthew Wolfe ran the E2 MX5 Miata in practice to get use to the feel of the car. It was showing snap over steer at first which seemed odd but not being one to blame the car Matthew continued to adjust his driving to get the most out of the car. In the few short sessions he was able to improve his lap times by 8 seconds and was running the same lap times as the other drivers with more seat time in an MX5 Cup car.

We missed qualifying due to a stuck throw-out bearing so we started from the back. Bobby Carter, SPEED World Challenge veteran and former SCCA Pro Miata Champion, took the green and quickly moved up to first in class. 20 minutes in he was reporting a soft brake pedal which caused a quick trip through the dirt. He stayed out to determine where the issue was so we would not lose time in the pits. After a few more laps he determined it was getting better and he could drive around it for the time being. After this, the first few hours were going smooth as they should in a 25 hour race.

Matthew got in for his first stent and immediately noticed the pre-race adjustments had removed the snap over steer the car was experiencing the day before. On his third lap the BMC Tools sports racer made a low percentage move out of the chicane and attempted a pass on the outside on the corner exit. Matthew stayed on line but the passing car took off his passenger side mirror.  As the sports racers are lower that the trunk lid of the MX5 on a straight and they were going up a slight hill with the sun glare in the rear window early in the race we are still not sure why the driver would take such a chance. Fortunately our car was still running great so we continued on. The rest of the stent went well with no incidents.

As Matthew was about to come in for fuel and a driver change one of the Honda CRZ race cars flipped over causing a full course yellow. Most of the time this would have been good timing but at this race the pits are closed during a full course yellow. As Matthew entered turn 14, he noticed all the cars were dead stopped. Since there was not a red flag out this led to a few tense moments while he waited for everyone to stack up behind him. Luckily everyone was paying attention and there were no incidents. The driver at the front finally started moving and we continued to circle the track as you would expect during a yellow flag. As we rounded turn 2 everyone started to stack up looking at the accident. We expect this rubber necking on the freeway but not on the race track. The Spec Miata behind Matthew must have been looking to long because he narrowly missed our MX5 and ended up hitting the fire truck. After this excitement Matthew went back to fuel conservation mode and continued to drive around the track in 5th. As we continued to circle the track under yellow the concern that we would run out of fuel kept escalating. As Matthew came around turn 8, about half way on the track, the fears became reality and the car ran out of gas. Matthew quickly pushed in the clutch and crossed his fingers that the next hill, turn 9, would not bring him to a stop. Fortunately AMG had the car prepped perfectly and the car coasted all the way to pit lane, where the crew had to push it the rest of the way. We pushed the car behind the pit wall where the missing mirror was replaced and the driver change was performed. The car was then pushed back to pit lane, refueled, and sent on its way. This was definitely an exciting first stent for Matthew and fortunately we did not get any penalties for coming in to pit lane to early.

Not too long after Matthew came in the forecasted rain started to fall. There were a few tire changes to wets and then intermediates as the rain could not make up its mind. Everything was going smooth until a trophy truck and a Ford GT started to spin in front of our car. Scott was not able to avoid them and ended up taking out 3 of our 4 add-on lights and half way blocking the passenger side headlight with the bumper cover. Luckily the damage was cosmetic and we could continue.

Matthew got in for his night stent, the first time racing at night, with less than optimal lighting. Luckily there was enough light to see where the track was and everything went well. About half way through the stent the rain picked up and made things slick for a while but the stent was otherwise non eventful, the way we like it.

As the sun rose we found ourselves in a battle with the Hover Speed Miata. We were 5 laps down and making up ground. Our team did receive a penalty for passing under yellow which didn’t help. As the Hoover Speed Miata was putting in their best drivers for the end of the race they started to notes things were not working right with the car. Around hour 23 they retired with a blown engine.

As Matthew got in the car for the final stent we were 5 laps up on the second place car. The track was starting to dry and the lap times were falling. Matthew was not pushing as fast as the car would go as he was making sure that we could finish the race. As he came around the 2nd place car to put him another lap down he knew he was running fast enough to keep the lead, and that was all that was needed. As Matthew rounded the final corner for the last time all the teams were lined up at the wall cheering the drivers on. As he passed the checkered flag he locked up the win in E2 at the 8th annual 25 hours of Thunderhill.

Matthew Wolfe would like to thank AMG for the invitation, and putting together a great car and winning team. He is looking forward to racing with the AMG team in the future.

Last Chance Rationals – HPR

September 6th, 2010

September 4th 2010 we were at High Plains Raceway for the final event of the season. This event was a combined National and Regional race as a test approved by the SCCA. The weekend started off right with both practice and qualifying going smooth and Matthew Wolfe put the #73 Spec 7 on pole. The race started off great and Matthew was out to an early lead. On lap 3 was when it got exciting. Going into turn 8, the tightest corner on the track, Matthew’s clutch stuck to the floor on the down shift. After a foot dance to pop the pedal back up and finally getting the car back into 3rd Matthew continued on. Now what to do? Matthew already had enough points to lock up the championship but so far he was undefeated this season. Well he decided to drive the rest of the race in mostly 3rd gear. He would only shift to 4th down the back straight and then back to third at the end of the straight. Shifting without the clutch was slowing him down a little but he was still able to maintain impressive lap times given the situation. Matthew was able to manta his lead, uncontested, and keep his winning streak alive.

When Matthew got into the pits he started to check out the car. As the clutch held up but would not release he assumed it must be the clutch master cylinder so he was off on a quest to find one. Luckily Rob Godby had one he had pulled off a parts car. Rob generously gave it to Matthew and he was off to replace it. After replacing it the clutch still would not disengage. Even after bleeding it multiple times it had the same issue. At this point the only thing Matthew could think was it was the clutch fork. Wendy and the kids (Landon and Adam) were getting tired as it was getting late so we decided to retire for the night and take up the fight in the morning.

September 5th 2010 we arrived at the track early ready to get to work on replacing the clutch fork, which luckily we had an extra on the spar transmission we bring to the track. Matthew got the car up on jack stands and had the transmission pulled back, clutch fork in, and transmission in with plenty of time before the practice. It still was not working. At the insistence of Tom Abbot Matthew went looking for a clutch. Luckily Terry Klein, an ITA RX7 driver, had one and was willing to part with it. Matthew pulled the transmission again and started to replace the clutch. To Matthew’s surprise the clutch had exploded and all of the friction material was jammed on one side. This is why the clutch was not disengaging. Matthew replaced the clutch and got everything put back to gather just as his group was going out for qualifying.

Matthew suited up, strapped in the car and started the car. As he went to pull away the car stalled. What now? Check the fuel pump. Sure enough, the wire had been knocked off. Re-attached the wire and he was off. As he got to grid all of the other cars were already on track. He was sent out and put the hammer down. On his second lap the car started to buck. Out of fuel! Forgot to put in fuel in all the excitement. Luckily the one full lap was enough to put Matthew on pole.

As Matthew returned to the pits Rob cam walking over. He had blown his transmission in qualifying. Luckily we had a spare and set off to change it so Rob could run in the race. After replacing the transmission Rob was good to go and Matthew had 30 min to rest before the race.

The race again went well for Matthew and he was able to keep up his undefeated season.

The season started out changing an engine at the track and ended with pulling three transmissions. What a great season. Thank you to all of our competitors and friends for making this such a great season.

Its Miller Time – PMP

July 26th, 2010

Back at Pueblo Motorsports Park July 24th 2010. We had a great time with all of our fellow racers and friends.  The Chief Steward decided there would be no split starts so the Spec 7 group was not able to start in a pack as we normally do. Matthew Wolfe had a great qualifying session and started on pole for Spec 7. Turn one was exciting as we went 3 wide and Matthew was on the outside of this madness. He held on and ended up with a very good track position. He was able to hold onto this and pull out the win.

July 25th 2010 was our annual Enduro and Matthew teamed up with Rob Godby in Matthew’s #73 car. The Chief Steward decided that there would be 3 scheduled 15min stops to give the workers a break. This essentially turned it into 3 sprint races. To keep things interesting the Spec 7 drivers decided that each team would have to perform 1 additional driver swap.

Rob took the first stent and got out to a great start taking the early lead. Realizing it was a long race and Clay Turner and Pat Holmes were running like it was a sprint race, Rob did not contest when they went in for a pass. Matthew and Rob performed their agreed upon driver change first to get it out of the way. Matthew came out of the pits and picked up the back of the Spec 7 pack, one lap down. Matthew was able to get around both Pat and then Clay after they had separate off track diversion. Pat went in for his pit shortly after, leaving Clay and Matthew battling. Clay was running strong and was able to get back around Matthew after he went to hot into turn 2. Matthew stayed in this position until the mandatory stop.

Rob went out after the stop still a lap down. He was able to regain the lap fairly quickly and  ran a flawless stent.  When Rob brought the  car in we were in second place and ready for the last stent.

Matthew went out for the last stent and still had most of a lap to make up. With Clay 13 seconds behind him and trying to put him a lap down, Matthew put his head down and pushed the car to its limits. Clay finally went in for his agreed upon driver change with 10 minutes left in the race. This allowed Matthew to come around and pass them for the lead while they were in the pits. As Matthew did not know this had taken place he continued to run hard all the way to the checkered flag. When he pulled into the pits Rob and Wendy gave him the news that they had won.

Thanks to Rob Godby for teaming with us and running a great race.