Hot Times at La Junta – La Junta Raceway

June 21st, 2010

June 19th 2010 the forecast was for hot weather so it was time to switch to high octane fuel. Luckily the track is located at the La Junta airport where we could easily get aviation fuel. Practice and qualifying went well and Matthew Wolfe was running great. In the race Matthew continued to run well, beating the Spec 7 track record and winning the race.

June 20th 2010 was another hot day. Practice and qualifying times were slower as it was 10 degrees hotter, but the car was still running great. In the race Clay Turner must have had a good night sleep because he was right on Matthew’s bumper for most of the race. As the race progressed Clay’s tires started to go away and Matthew was able to pull a car length or two lead. Finally as Clay entered turn 3, the braking zone after the fastest section of corners on the track, his tires gave out and blew, taking him out of the race. I guess he should have called TreadZone before the race. This left Matthew clear track to the win.

May Daze – HPR

May 10th, 2010

May 8th and 9th 2010. Weekend was a little windy to start with tumble weeds blowing across track. This just made the back straight more of a chicane as you dodged tumble weeds. Matthew Wolfe was running very well and put down practice and qualifying times below the standing track record. The race went well but the temperature was warmer so Matthew did not officially beat the track record. Maybe next time. Matthew was able to take the win both days.

Caruso’s Caper – PPIR

April 19th, 2010

Saturday Apr 17th 2010 started of with some light rain, well more of a mist but enough to make the track wet. The track was slippery in practice but that helped to know where to be more cautious on track. There was a close call as a Miata spun in front of Matthew Wolfe but no contact was made.

The qualifying was a qualifying race and grid position was first come firs serve. Matthew made it to the grid second in class. When the green flag dropped Matthew got a good jump and moved into the early lead. He was able to hold this position and pull a comfortable gap to 2nd, giving him the win and poll position for the points race.

In the race Matthew again pulled out to an early lead and remained consistent to take the win.

Sunday Apr 18th 2010 was a much dryer day. The track was still damp in the morning but the grip quickly came. The qualifying grid this time was based on the finish from Saturdays race. Matthew was able to pull a good lead at the start and was able to stay there for the win, putting him on pole for the race.

When the green flag dropped for the race Clay Turner and Pat Holmes stepped up their game and fell in line right behind Matthew. They were nipping at his heels and keeping him honest for the first half of the race. When the pack got caught up in some lap traffic Clay and Pat started dicing for position which allowed Matthew to pull a more comfortable lead. Matthew was able to win his 4th race of the weekend.

2 Cool Schools – HPR

April 5th, 2010

The 2 Cool Schools was the Rocky Mountain Division’s first go at running a double drivers school and restricted regional. From all initial reports it was a great success.

On Saturday Apr 3rd 2010 we ran the short course. Matthew Wolfe ran a great opening race in the restricted regional setting  a new track record and taking the win.

A big part of the fun for the day was helping Pat Holmes, one of our competitors, replace his engine between qualifying and the race. Pat had put a junkyard engine in his car to make the race and it seemed to be down on power. He picked up his new rebuilt engine the Friday before the race and had it in the trailer. With the help of the tow truck as a engine hoist and the rest of the Spec 7 drivers we had the new engine in the car and running so Pat could make the race.

The Sunday Apr 4th 2010 race also went very well. We were able to run the west loop of the track and Matthew Wolfe again set the track record and won the race. 2010 is starting out in the right direction.