May Daze – HPR

May Daze at High Plains Raceway. Saturday Apr 30 2011was windy and in the 40s. We were running the short course.  The short course plays to the strengths of the Spec 7 and Matthew was taking advantage. During practice and qualifying he was running with the Spec Miatas, a faster class car. After qualifying he had come out second overall, and first in class. At the start of the race Matthew moved to an early overall lead but the Miatas got by going down the back straight. After a few laps one of the two Miatas in front spun and Matthew moved up to second overall. He was able to maintain this position until the end of the race wining his 3rd race of the season.

Sunday May 1 2011 the weather was much better. The wind had died down and it was in the 50s. We were running the West Loop which gave us a few more turns to have fun on. The Miatas were a little faster on this course but Matthew was able to keep up with the second place Miata for about half of the race. He was also able to maintain the first place position in class all the way to the checkered flag.

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